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Passport, Swimsuit, Toothbrush and….Will?

Passport, Swimsuit, Toothbrush and….Will?



As I write this article bags are packed and I am off to Manchester Airport for an early summer break.  So why is that that a day or two before I go I start to think about checking my will.  Is it up to date?  Do I still want  the same executors?  Are the kids still being nice enough to me (only joking children if you are reading this).

And I am not the only one.  Peak season in our office for clients phoning up and wanting to revise their wills is July and August.  It should be the last thing we are thinking of at this time along with searching for  last year’s suncream and sandals.  Perhaps it is that fear of the plane falling out the sky that concentrates the mind – even though  statistics show that flying is still safer than the trip down to the local supermarket.  Perhaps it is that a holiday shakes us out of the normal routine and we start looking at the world a bit differently for a while and stop procrastinating.

Taking advice about your will gives you a good opportunity to look at what the future holds for you and your nearest and dearest.  What would happen if your health failed and you needed care; will there be any tax to pay – incidentally there are a lot of changes for those who might be paying Inheritance Tax and having the will drafted correctly is vital.  Sometimes the way you own your property could be changed to make your planning more efficient.

If you are new to us we will be happy to offer a free half hour consultation with no commitment to yourselves.  And for those who are housebound we offer home and hospital visits

So for those who have been thinking of making a will for years – or making those necessary changes now is the time to make the phone call us to us  before the school holiday rush.


Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors are at 10 Kenwood Park Road Sheffield S7 1NF  0114 2290160 .  We specialise in Wills, Probate and Elderly Client issues along with Conveyancing and Property.  www.rwatchorn.co.uk




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