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Expert Wills Solicitors Sheffield

Despite lots of publicity 30% of the population does not have a valid will – and possibly as many people do not have a fully up-to-date will.

Expert Wills Sheffield

Having a valid will in place is the only way to make sure that your money and property goes to the right people. If you die without a will, there are strict rules about who gets everything, and this might not be to the people you would choose.

When we do a will we will meet up to discuss your wishes and give appropriate advice based on your circumstances. Getting it right now can avoid a lot of expense and heartache for your friends and family in the future.

Many people need straightforward wills. Others need more complex wills incorporating trusts to minimise tax payable or help to avoid nursing home fees for your spouse in the future. Perhaps most important – parents of young children need to appoint guardians to make sure that they are brought up by the people they wish.

Do it yourself will drafting or using an unqualified will writer may save you a few pounds now, but can often end up with much more being spent later in administering your estate or dealing with disputes.

We can usually quote a fee over the telephone after an initial discussion of your circumstances before arranging an appointment to meet you. If you find it difficult to get out the house or are in hospital we can often arrange home visits.

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