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Supporting someone with Dementia

Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors are proud that all members of our staff are trained Dementia Friends and have experience working with families affected by Dementia in the Sheffield area.

Alzheimer's Society

It is common for someone living with dementia to deny that they are experiencing issues with their memory or other aspects of cognition.

Perhaps they have some awareness of their situation and may be feeling uneasy or anxious about this. They may also be fearful about the future.

Or perhaps they feel – or think that other people may feel – a stigma about having a diagnosis of dementia.

It’s important to try talking to the person you’re worried about, and encourage them to see a doctor.

You might also like to encourage them to attend a support group – or go along to one yourself. Sometimes it is just good to be able to talk to someone who is going through a similar situation. There is a growing network of Dementia Cafes in and around Sheffield who can offer help and advice.

If you have a question about dementia, you can call Alzheimer’s Society helpline to speak with their expert advisers, or join Dementia Talking Point to chat with other people who are feeling the same as you.

The Alzheimer’s Society have also released some excellent advice for carers, family members and friends on how to support someone with dementia, which can be accessed here: Supporting someone with Dementia

Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors are committed to making Sheffield Dementia Friendly. We work closely with Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance to improve the lives of local people. 


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